Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chevron's Cold Calculus: Cash Money

Amazon Watch's Eye on the Amazon blog hits the mark on why Chevron finds itself in trouble, facing serious investigations in its backyard, in Richmond, California, Ecuador, Brazil and in other countries across the world: Cash Money.

Entitled Law and Order: Chevron's Criminal Intent, the blog doesn't pull any punches about Chevron's misconduct in Ecuador:
"It was a cold calculus based on one thing. Cash money. To save a couple bucks, Chevron designed an oil extraction on the cheap, using outdated technology that it knew would harm people and the planet. It wasn't a "mistake". It was premeditated, criminal intent. This was executives and engineers sitting around conferences tables, diagraming dangerous deeds on chalkboards, mapping out their crimes against humanity and ecosystems. [I can't confirm whether evil laughter took place, or whether these meetings were followed by long, extravagant Mad Men style lunches with stiff drinks, big steaks, and inappropriate flirting with secretaries. But it was the 1960s.]"
Read it all here.

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