Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chevron’s Growing Reputation As Rogue Company Reinforced by New Charges of Misconduct in Nigeria

Reinforcing Chevron’s growing reputation as a rogue company ignoring safety requirements and local laws in countries across the globe is a recent report that Chevron refused to allow its workers to evacuate an oilrig in Nigeria before an explosion killed two men.

Reuters recently reported the workers had raised safety concerns and asked to evacuate but Chevron refused. About 154 workers jumped from the rig into water and had to be rescued by local fishermen.

Chevron knew for over a week that the well was unstable yet they refused to evacuate us," a worker said in the Reuters article. A witness said, “If it were not for the fisherman those guys would have died in the water.”

This latest incident is one example of Chevron’s long history of ravaging natural environments, violating human rights and ignoring indigenous communities in countries across the globe, including Ecuador, Burma, Angola, Australia and even in its own corporate backyard, Richmond, California.

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