Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Facts Are The Facts

As hard as Chevron tries, it can’t escape the undisputed facts that clearly show the company guilty of environmental crimes that resulted in the destruction of once pristine land and water in the Ecuador rainforest and direct harm to the health of the area’s 30,000 residents.

Chevron wants to make the Ecuador contamination lawsuit about anything other than these pesty facts:

-- Chevron intentionally dumped 18 billion gallons of hazardous water into the rainforest.

-- Chevron built over 900 unlined pits to permanently store pure crude and production water -- a toxic brew that continues to leech into the soil and water today.

-- Chevron oversaw a fraudulent remediation in 1995 that encouraged residents to build homes on top of and near oil pits they thought had been cleaned by the company.

-- Chevron’s own tests taken during the trial found that soil and water samples from the so-called “remediated” pits were just as toxic as samples from pits that had not been cleaned.

-- Chevron knowingly put these people in greater danger to their health and lives by not confessing the company had simply thrown dirt over the pits instead of cleaning them properly, as required by the agreement.

-- Chevron has lost the case.

-- The Ecuadorians have won and have a legitimate judgment they are preparing to enforce.

And those are the facts.

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