Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chevron Tells Federal Court “Irreparable Harm Imminent”; Tells Media & Analysts $8.6 Billion Judgment “Unenforceable”

If you read the press clippings about the recent $8.6 billion judgment against Chevron for massive oil contamination in the Ecuadorian rainforest, you would think Chevron will never be forced to pay a penny in damages. Chevron’s press release reads: “"The Ecuadorian court's judgment is ... unenforceable. .... Chevron does not believe that today's judgment is enforceable in any court ...”

One oil industry analyst for Raymond James said the day after the judgment that Chevron would never pay. “It’s impossible to take this verdict seriously.”

Oh, really? The analyst might want to listen to Chevron attorney Randy Maestro in U.S. Federal Court.

Randy Maestro

Maestro has been singing a different tune in the oil giant’s desperate arguments to have the federal court prevent the enforcement of the Ecuadorian court’s judgment that, by the way, does not fall under its jurisdiction. Here are a few recent comments made in open court before the Southern District Court of New York:
“We are facing the ultimate Sword of Damocles, and it is over our heads ….

“Plaintiffs are going to attempt to enforce that judgment through potential prejudgment attachments that will cause disruption, pressure, irreparable harm to Chevron ….

“It seems obvious to us that there will be irreparable harm from seizing boats, seizing ships, seizing tankers, disrupting the distribution stream of Chevron that will affect it not only in the one jurisdiction but around the world, an irreparable harm ….

“How are they ever going to make Chevron whole for the irreparable harm they are going to cause? ….

“That is irreparable harm both in terms of disruption of operations, business reputation and good will, and an inability to ever get that money back. ….

“They could be taking the judgment they have now around the world trying to wreak havoc ....

“So we are definitely right now in a position of that nightmare is here, irreparable harm is imminent ….. ”