Monday, September 6, 2010

Chevron Proves Own Guilt In Ecuador With Devastating Internal Audits

More Than 100 Expert Reports, Chevron’s Own Lab Tests, and Chevron’s Audits Demonstrate CEO Watson Lying to Courts and Shareholders

Environmentalists and other concerned citizens have been spreading the news about two environmental audits, conducted by Chevron, that detail the vast contamination the oil company left behind as it exited Ecuador in 1992. That’s right. Chevron’s audits prove Chevron’s responsibility for the 18 billion gallons of toxic formation water dumped into the Ecuadorian rainforest, and the more than 900 unlined waste pits built by Texaco to store its deadly sludge and cancer-causing chemicals such as Chromium 6. These pits, built in violation of all legal norms and industry customs, have been leeching toxins into the soil and water for decades. Just look at the 60 Minutes segment to show how Chevron recklessly built the pits with pipes to drain their sludge into the surrounding streams.

Meanwhile, Chevron has been desperately filing legal briefs in the United States and abroad to discredit the Cabrera report, an analysis of the contamination that the Ecuadorian court ordered as part of the 17-year legal battle. Only problem is that the Cabrera report is based, in part, on Chevron’s own audits and Chevron’s own sampling results. There’s also the 100 other expert reports in evidence that found extensive contamination at 100% of the former Chevron well sites. And Chevron’s own tests, submitted into the court record, also found illegal levels of contamination. See this chart.

Chevron, in other words, is jammed by its own evidence. It can talk about the Cabrera report all it wants, but it cannot escape the fundamental fact that there is voluminous and unassailable evidence that it proved the case against itself. And we know Chevron’s sampling results are valid because they are corroborated by the results produced by the technical experts for the Amazon communities and by the sampling done by Cabrera himself.

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