Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chevron Snubs Ecuadorian Tribal Leader

Once again, Chevron snubs the Ecuadorians and the Americans trying to convince the oil company to clean up the toxic sludge left behind in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador by Texaco, which Chevron purchased in 2001. It looks like CEO John Watson is no more receptive to protecting the rainforest than David O’Reilly, the former Chevron leader who along with former General Counsel Charles James orchestrated a seven-year legal strategy to deny the Ecuadorians justice and their right to clean water and a healthy food supply in the jungle. Both O’Reilly and James no longer work for the company.

Read more here about Tribal Leader Emergildo Criollo’s effort to deliver a letter to Watson with the signatures of over 350,000 people calling on Chevron to clean up the oil contamination.

Emergildo Criollo outside Chevron CEO John Watson’s house